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H & H Livestock, LLC is located in Milton-Freewater, OR along the Oregon-
Washington border in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Bob Hodnefield has been buying and selling cattle and horses for the past 55 years. He has
owned several livestock yards in Oregon, Washington and Iowa. He has the
reputation of supplying top quality, high altitude feeder cattle and breeding stock.   
Cattle for sale for immediate delivery and on contract for future deliveries at all times. 
Also a constant supply of horses available.

Detail 1

80 fancy black steer calves

700# from Hepner, Oregon going to Corsica, South Dakota.

All Natural.

Detail 2

435 top quality steer and heifer claves 90% black and black white face balance red cross from Walla walla, Washington going to Wagner, South Dakota. All Natural.

Detail 3

530 high choice steer and heifer calves black, black white face, char, cross. These calves will be pre-vaccinated on cows three to four weeks prior to shipment to Iowa from Spokane, Washington. All Natural. 

700 quality  steer calves, pre-wearing shots prior to delivery to Iowa from La Pine, Oregon. All Natural

100 weaned black and black cross heifer calves. These heifers will be vaccinated on the cows prior to weaning and given a full round of booster shots at weaning. These heifers are in Baker City, Oregon going to South Dakota. All Natural.

200 Char, steer and heifer calves going to Wagner, South Dakota from Ukiah, Oregon. All Natural.

190 Top quality steer and heifer calves going to a long time cattle feeder

from eastern Iowa and coming from Halfway, Oregon. All Natural.